【Diary】2010-8”Part-time job camp”

In early July, I bought a long-awaited ZZR with a two-year loan. During the school festival, I played TIME AFTER TIME, and studied test all night. There was a big fire near my house, I made a phone call with U, made a promise to go camping with G, made an appointment with T, and went to Atami to see fireworks. I went touring with G during Golden Week, and went to visit Mr. Yama with Z and R. The first semester of such two years has ended.

On the first day of summer vacation, I could not fall asleep for some reason and went to Izu on a motorcycle without a sleep. In order to deepen your progress with the bikes you can’t help, to eliminate the urge to ride a bike that has accumulated in the test study. I attacked several passes, but the power is different from Aprilia. Although the body was heavy and the start-up was slow and stepping, I was happy to run with a motorcycle that I had always wanted to ride. I went south from Izu, went into a hot spring, ran to Nakashita, which was like a stupid hot sun, and turned back thinking I was dying. When I arrived at the apartment, I went shopping to buy something to drink, lay down on a park bench and smoked. Elementary school students were suckers.

A few days later, I went to the bar with H and M3. I drank the first martini that I learned about aperitif and drunk early. We ate pizza together, went to the barbecue restaurant below and drank beer. M3 returned and I stayed at H’s house. I won’t sleep in this room anymore, thinking so. In the morning, after smoking some cigarettes and having a good conversation, I went home. That was the half-year breakup with the other person I found last year in college. H went on to study in India for six months.

On the 5th, I went to an interview with a part-time job in Tokyo and started living in Y’s apartment. At around 11:00, I ate rice, drank alcohol, watched TV, and smoked to talk about college and junior high school. I slept around 3:00 or 4:00 and slept until the evening of the next day.

I returned to City S once to carry the Wooper, and rode my motorcycle to Tokyo. It was my first time riding a motorcycle on the road in Tokyo. I took the wrong path many times and checked the path with my mobile phone, and finally arrived at Y’s house for more than 3 hours.

I went to Hachioji Station on Saturday for my second interview. There seemed to be a festival on that day, but the area around the station was full of people in the evening. The arriving civic center was in contrast to the station and no one was there. When I entered the meeting room on the third floor, interview applicants had already gathered, and all were of the same generation as me. During an interview with a dispatch company called MISH, my sister, who was a long-standing accountant with us, began explaining about the company in a sloppy way. You can buy shoes and pants. It was a vicious business law. That trained and clever explanation reminded me of my friend Land instructor. After the briefing, I smoked outside.

The front roads were crowded by car, and it seemed that everyone was busy with Seka Seka. Everyone driving the car seemed frustrated. I do not want to be such an adult. That’s how I work to live with frustration. It is this city called Tokyo that is made up of such people gathering like idiots. I was longing for such a city. What makes you attractive? Isn’t the choice of moving in is really wrong? What future do I want? What am I looking for? While being washed away by the crowds of Tokyo, if you are thinking alone, you will always be depressed from the bottom of your stomach. What kind of melancholy, what kind of loneliness, what kind of grudge, couldn’t express anything with my vocabulary right now. I always feel very sad. This city is full of vanity. It’s just a remote place.

The 8th was Sunday, the first day of the part-time job. I went to Tokyo Racecourse with Y aiming for a thousand gold. I do not race in Tokyo. We watched odds, smoked cigarettes, and ate curry while watching the monitor on the other side of an empty course where racehorses could not run. After all, no one hit that day. Thanks to the agreement that we should share our profits, I was almost zero, but it was terrible to say the way home. I never want to see horse racing like that again.

Talk about byte. I left the house around 11 o’clock in the middle of the night and took a train to Ajinomoto Stadium. I made a mistake and suddenly was late on the first day, but I wasn’t particularly aware of that. After hurrying through the ticket gates at Tobitakyu Station and getting off the talks, there were almost no people in front of the station. I was wondering if I had already gone, but a group of four or five people with large luggage was waiting at the meeting place. After hurrying to talk to the person in charge and attending, he walked straight to the place of work. There were only five people including me. I guessed it was going to be a bigger group. The five people walking in Tokyo at midnight seemed like shadow heroes going on a battle for humanity’s survival. One friend joined along the way, increasing the number of warriors to six.

When we arrived at the stadium, a similar dressed group of about 40 people was waiting at the entrance. I wondered if I would work with this group, but we went straight to the back door. The truck walked down the underpass, which was parked in parallel, and sneaked into the scene from a staff-like entrance. A truck arrived while I was preparing my luggage in the lobby. The job is to carry the staff room equipment on the truck. From 12 o’clock to 5 o’clock, a long battle begins. The salary is 6,000 yen with late night allowance.

We just carried the equipment off the 11-ton truck bed. Pipe chairs, desks, sofas, mirrors, glass tables, trucks came one after another, and they carried many sets. After carrying all the luggage, he was sent to the stadium arena. I thought that the real fight would finally begin here, and soon I was returned to the original entrance, where I had a break.

Talking with the people in the part-time job properly, it seems that such a part-time job ends early many hours, and even if it ends early the salary will be paid for the scheduled amount, so it seems better to get crispy I heard a story. He said that it might be over soon today. I can’t check the time because I didn’t have a clock. I guess I’ve worked for about two and a half hours already, I want to smoke. The meeting took place when I thought so.

“Yes, then, MISH people, we have cleared up for the time being, so please take them out again tomorrow,” he said. Change clothes and go out with your luggage. The leaders declared their disbandment and discussed various ways to return from now, and the warriors set off on their way home. It’s half past two, how do I get home? I went to the station for the time being. The first train is at 5 o’clock, and I will enter the family restaurant and kill time while reading a book, but there is no money. I’m too sorry for the money now. In fact, his money was only about 500 yen. I thought about whether to sleep at the station platform or go to the police box and stay overnight. I checked the map on my mobile and found that Y’s apartment was about 7 km. Not a distance you can’t walk. Do you walk a little to save train costs? I bought a 100 yen shake on a Mac and walked along the tracks.

Let’s aim at the Tama River for the time being, then cross the bridge and walk along the Keio Line. I thought so and walked. There were few cars on the big street because it was midnight. I checked the direction of travel while checking the map. When entering the residential area, two men and women who seemed to be sick were flirting out of the apartment. Go down the stairs next to the park to the river.

I walked for a while and laid down on the park bench, taking a break. There were many mosquitoes, and they were stuck here and there. The park ground was paved with asphalt, and there was only one tatami mat in the sandbox. Surveillance cameras were set up everywhere, and I couldn’t take a break.

After a short walk, I came to Metropolitan Route 19. It’s a long straight line. I met a person who looked just like H a little before the bridge. There are so many guys like him. I arrived at Tamagawa Bridge. The roads along the river were in good condition, and the streets along the gentle curves of the river illuminated the river fantastically. The bridge’s lights reflected off the river as if extending straight into the sky, creating a pillar of light in the darkness of Tokyo. I thought this was the bridge I used to go to when I went to my sister’s apartment. Walk on Route 19 as it is. I’m often driven by the urge to buy juice, but given the money I have, I can’t do it very much. While walking I saw some orchards. There is an orchard in Tokyo too. I changed directions several times while watching the navigation and passed in front of Inagi City Hall.

“I was the only place where J lives in Inagi. Would you like to contact me and stay here? Isn’t she up? Speaking of which, I haven’t seen J recently. Invite me to play Mahjong at Y’s house next time.”

Find the track and walk along it. I went up and down the hill depending on the navigation. There is such a place in Tokyo. On the way, I passed a residential area on a hill called Himkai. The flag of the soccer team was on the street and it was almost dawn if I noticed. The number of people jogging in the morning and those waiting for the first train at the bus stop was gradually increasing. Down the hill there was a further uphill. I decided to run up because I was having trouble walking. I checked on the navigation, but I was making a very detour. A difficult slope that you do not have to climb. I thought I would turn back, but ran as it was.

After climbing the hill, I came to a number of apartment buildings. I saw a golf course in the middle of the hill and thought that this area was not where I came. But one day I got down to the hill, thinking that I would have enough financial power to live wherever I wanted.

There was a big bridge while running and chasing a middle-aged man jogging. From the top of the bridge, you could see a large valley and greenery that you could not imagine in Tokyo. There is such a place in Tokyo. It was a new discovery. While chasing my uncle, I found a big station. I always wanted to go to the bathroom.

The station was Wakabadai, a large station connecting the Keio and Odakyu lines. The time is 4:30, the first train if you wait a little longer. Let’s get on the train from here. Except for me, there was only one office worker in the morning home, and there was only a large station, and the quietness seemed very unnatural.

It was a very refreshing morning. The forwarding vehicle came back and forth with the lights in the car turned off, and pigeons coming from somewhere came close with a screaming face. I walked to the edge of the platform to smoke, but found nowhere where smoking would be allowed. The first generators came, but there were enough people to board. The train, which was usually crowded with crowds, was also very comfortable.

I was the only one in the lead car. I sat in a chair and waited for the train to leave. The train started moving slowly and left Wakabadai station. I was looking at the track extending ahead in the direction of travel from the window of the leading car.

He walked to Y’s house while swaying, poured the cider he had endured all the time into a beer mug, and drunk all at once. I took a bath, sweated, and suddenly decided to do radio exercises. How many years have you done radio exercises? Then she wrapped up in a warm early summer morning and fell asleep.

After that, there were two days with nothing. I get up in the evening, eat dinner around 10 o’clock, and sip a highball till the morning to talk about the old days. I called J and played Mahjong once. I feel a little nervous when I meet for a long time. On this day, I was doing well and winning quite a bit, but at the end, Y ended the war with Kunitachi Musou and J stopped there.

After finishing the part-time training camp at Y’s house, I set out on a 10-day Hokkaido tour with Y.






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