Wednesday, December 1

December from today. Last month of 2010. 31 days to 2011.
A second-year university student I had envisioned. What the hell was that? Anyway, I want to be able to get up early and get up early. Regular life. Intelligent life. Every morning I get up with the morning sun, jog, take a shower, have a decent breakfast, watch the news, smoke a good coffee and smoke a cigarette. If there are no lectures, read in the morning, study English and accounting in the afternoon, clear up assignments, slowly watch while watching TV, run on a motorcycle and go to a hot spring Eat, write a diary and go to bed early. Dream life. Adult life. Another week has passed, but nothing has been done. He slept until noon this day, managed to get a certificate from the city hall, and then made the necessary documents to send to the Faculty of Commerce at home. The fifth anthropology was absent. I promised to practice hydrangea from 6 o’clock, but before that I went to Sun Moon and bought an external hard disk and mailed the documents at the post office. We all went to Eisak to eat rice after the hydrangeas together. And I got an email from H
I can’t remember if I stayed at C’s house or not. Did I sleep until 3 o’clock? I don’t know. Did KR come and talk about “HonmadekkaTV”? Might be so.
Anyway, on this day, I went to eat somewhere and stayed at C’s house. I had two reports that I had to finish by the next day and going to do it at C’s house. A meaningful email came from J and I danced on my own steps. And slept.

Friday, December 3

I went to the first period and issued a report. I wrote another report during the first term and gave it in the next lesson. Then I went home to the fifth quarter, and then went to college again to go to the fifth quarter. I got a setter from my senior and bought a setter and went home and slept quietly. I watched a terrestrial movie, but I can’t remember exactly what I was doing.

Saturday, December 4

I think I slept until noon. I went to Toys Rath to buy Monhan but I didn’t sell it. Neither was Yamada Denki nor Edion. I got an email from J and talked about my computer, and I can’t remember it.

Sunday, December 5

I was sleeping until evening. I went out to the veranda to smoke, and the sunset was really beautiful. I took a picture and sent it to J. Will you not be able to see such beautiful scenery anymore? I liked this room. Various scenery seen from this room. miss. The only way to relax on the veranda was to look at the scenery. If this goes away, will I be able to live well in a life where I can’t do this? I thought so.

Monday, December 6

I woke up at 2pm. Yesterday, the day after yesterday, it was clear with no clouds, so I decided to go to the pass. Looking at the cell phone in anticipation of the e-mail from him, one phone call from Mr. Y and an e-mail came from SS. It was a regular rehearsal for a regular live today, I forgot all about it. Of course, it is more important to go to the mountain pass by motorcycle than that, so I ignored it and prepared for departure.

Watching TV while eating fruit granola, I confirmed that Japanese society is still running peacefully all day today. Speaking of which, I woke up yesterday after a fairly large earthquake. I was wary that there would be a bigger earthquake after this, but I fell asleep while thinking about that.

I listened to DAMAGE INC and finished changing clothes. I listened to METALLICA on my iPod and went to a gas station near C. Depart after refueling. For a while after climbing, big trucks and dumps were crowded, but I decided to get drunk with JAMZ’s singing voice without getting frustrated.

He passed the truck in the overtaking lane at a stretch, ignoring the center line and rushed up the slope leading to the pass. The time was already around 4 o’clock. The city standing beneath my eyes was covered in the thin winter clouds that had just arrived. The sunset gently wrapped the vegetation on the plateau. The altitude is getting higher and the wind is getting colder. On the side of the road, some were holding cameras to take pictures of the sunset. It was just a scene where I wanted to stop and take a picture, but I realized that I had forgotten my digital camera. I’m always missing somewhere.

You can always come to the pass while living here, and you can always enjoy this beautiful view if the weather is nice. But such a scene will soon disappear. How many more times have you been on this road? This is the first time in ZZR. I’ve come to RS50 many times. How many later can you come? When we arrived at the pass, we saw Mt. Fuji towering incredibly beautifully. The side of the mountain was beautifully illuminated by the mysterious light of the sunset over the bay. Snow is already piled up to the eighth station. Winter has come.

The sunset squeezed the last power of the long day and glowed hot. A number of contrails that stretched to the horizon were bathed in the cold winds of the sky, bathing in the sunset, creating fantastic shadows in the twilight sky. Watching the sunset while smoking a cigarette. The sunset changed to an elliptical shape as crushed from above as it approached the horizon. As if refusing to sink. And it grew even more bright again. Just as there are no dawn nights, there are no dawn days. If you don’t like the sun, you have to finish its role and light the next day. The half-sunned sun was shaped like a trapezoid. Then the sun set as if giving up. After seeing the sun get smaller and smaller, ending my last ray of light on the ground, I turned back over the bike.

It was six o’clock when I got to college. He met C in the bathroom and was told that he had about three hours to go to the regular rehearsal. The receptionist doesn’t know what to do because there is no SS chief. Mr. Y and Mr. K were taught me what they were doing and I was really glad I didn’t become chief. After talking to KR for a while, I went to the clubroom to get a guitar, bought coffee, and had a break. Y looks really hard. Upon returning, K came out and had another break. After chatting properly, K returned. The first grader of the reception seemed to come, and it became an atmosphere where I had to start something. I was talking to the KR while playing the guitar with the appropriate instructions. M joined on the way and my senior came out, so I thought I had to do something, so I went back to the clubroom to get some drawing paper and something. After removing the star on the poster with KR, I asked Mr. K to build a bear school, talked about Lamborghini, wrote the acoustic guitar Akko, and preparations for the day were over. I worked well all day today. It was such a feeling.

When he brought the equipment to the clubroom, Mr. M was chasing him too fast, so he talked to himself because he couldn’t help but follow him. M seems to have been a club like an English research department when he was a junior high school student, and did nothing in high school. In other words, no motor nerves. After talking about the location of Yamagata Prefecture for a while, he ended his conversation after saying that he had no accent in Yamagata. I decided to go to Isaac and joined Kawagoe, and I went ahead by motorcycle. After 9 o’clock, you can use the bicycle parking lot at the station for free. We decided to wait while they browsed at Lawson in front of the station. I found a magazine called “Japanese Inn” and read it. There are many good lodgings in Nagano prefecture as well. Who do you go with? For some reason, I only remembered J’s face in my head. Upon entering Isaac they had already arrived and I ordered Nasdria. In the seat to the right, girls who seemed to be one year from the same department were writing a report together. That made cigarettes very difficult to smoke at first. I could have exchanged seats with the innermost Mr. Kitamura, but I didn’t want to feel like I was taking care of the girl next door, and I didn’t want to smoke cigarettes and make a bad face. Y stopped smoking and I lit the cigarette.

After all, Nasdria was good. This is the next decision. KR and Y hurriedly flattened their dishes and returned in time for the last train. After that, I talked about C’s dating plan for a while. As I always feel in these kinds of conversations, is my sensibility a little too old, or is it just outdated or a wild person who doesn’t know the fashion?

When I go somewhere with a girl, I have no choice but to go somewhere for extraordinary cultural emotions and natural scenery. I don’t want to go to places with lots of people, and I don’t want to go out and see the trendy shops and illuminations of the city with people who like it. The only places I’ve ever been with a girl are empty stations, the sea, mountains, plateaus, valleys, hot springs, remote islands, and ramen shops. Am I more outdoor than the average adult man, or do I grow up in the country and tend to hate crowds in search of nature? I have no clue what kind of equation will give out the answer of Purikura in Gaisen. But is that just prejudice given by the tendency to be just critical thinking? I don’t want to believe that. The protagonist of Haruki Murakami’s novel does not take pictures of prints.

In the middle of such a happy conversation, a clerk came to inform him of the closing. As usual, I won 10 yen gum at a vending machine. Today’s gum was red. Love, passion, fear, my bike, the color that reminds me of that, red.

I went home and backed up my iPod data, erasing all unnecessary data. PCs, brains, rooms and effector cases should be clean and smart.

Check the weather tomorrow by smoking on the veranda. I took a bath, fully opened the curtains, and gently closed my eyelids to see the continuation of a dream I had long ago, wondering what time to wake up tomorrow.






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